Parque Gulliver
4 November, 2019 / ,

Si siempre te has querido sentir como un liliputiense, el Parque Gulliver te da la oportunidad de tener esta experiencia. Con una altura aproximada de 7,5 metros y 70 metros de largo, el Gulliver hace la delicia de los niños y no tan niños con sus toboganes, escaladas, cuerdas, etc. Una actividad gratuita que reúne a las familias valencianas y a todos los que visitan la ciudad.

Parque Gulliver

Basado en el cuento Los viajes de Gulliver, escritos por Jonathan Swift en 1726, el parque representa la escena del gigante Gulliver tendido en el suelo, atado por las cuerdas de los liliputienses. El barco de Gulliver había sido destruido, y él había sido arrastrado a la playa, exhausto. Allí se durmió y, cuando despertó, descubrió que cientos de personas pequeñas, los liliputienses, lo habían atado.

Situado en el Jardín del Turia con 61.000 metros cuadrados de superficie, el Parque Gulliver ha acompañado el crecimiento de los niños valencianos desde mayo de 1992.

El parque dispone de baños públicos y una sala de primeros auxilios para tratar cualquier rasguño o quemaduras.

Se accede a través del Puente del Ángel Custodio y la entrada es gratuita.

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Highlights for July and August BY Visit Valencia
5 July, 2017 / ,

Discover the events that will help you enjoy Valencia more this summer! Turismo Valencia has prepared an agenda with so many activities to do during your stay, that you will not know where to start!

The main dish for July is the traditional Great Valencia Fair an inexhaustible supply of leisure for all ages, with which you will have non-stop enjoyment every day and night of this month. In addition, both July and August, are filled with exhibitions of sculpture, painting, urban art and the greater art of silk.

If you are a lover of good live music, the repertoire you will find is also immense. Dozens of concerts and festivals fill the Valencian summer with music. But the leisure proposals do not end here. They just begin: Sports, theatre, humour, cinema, culture and tradition, nature, gastronomy and technology are some of its many options.

And if you are here in August you will surely have thought to go to our famous Tomatina de Buñol. What better way to spend your holidays than in an unrepeatable celebration!

Complete agenda:

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We will be happy to hear how much you have enjoyed: We are waiting for you!

Valencian Living in the Fira de les Comarques
2 June, 2017 /


València Turisme has its stakes on tourism experiences

The summer solstice comes to Valencia this year with a unique event, the “Fira de les Comarques” from the “Patronat de Turisme de València”, charged with developing the tourist endeavour in the Valencian regions, which firmly ventures on a tourism experience to live and feel life.

From the 23rd to the 25th June, the “Plaza de Toros de València” transforms its arena and its pipeclay to become the great showcase for the new touristic services and products. The Valencian regions invite the tourist to get acquainted with their territory planning it under the strategic perspective of “València Turisme”: Our land for you is the motto chosen by the “Patronat de Turisme” in 2017 to transmit the essence of the Valencian living.

The “Patronat de Turisme” wants people to come to the Valencian regions, to get acquainted with us through the new tourist services developed in the territory with the help of “València Turisme”, all in all to gain first hand experience of our gastronomy, our way of life, our sun, our land.

Mock sea battles in the bullring

For this, the “Patronat de Turisme” relies on the collaboration of municipalities, companies and local entrepreneurs, who display their proposals in the ”Fira de les Comarques” in the four areas that group together the tourism reformulation of natural, gastronomic, sports and cultural resources.

Thus, the visitor of the “Fira” on arrival at the “Xàtiva” street’s arena finds a great showcase of tourism with local Valencian destinations, organised into counties. Once inside the square, the “Fira” provides numerous proposals by Valencian companies to enjoy active, cultural and gastronomic tourism.

Among other proposals, the visitor can perform nautical activities in a large swimming pool installed in the sand, emulating the ancient Roman mock sea battles, as well as diverse proposals for climbing in a climbing wall and even virtual visits to the major heritage resources with the help of augmented reality from optical devices.

The “Patronat de Turisme” also encourages the visit to the different areas of the “Fira de les Comarques” with a passport to numerous prizes related to the tourist proposals presented.

Showcooking, live music and play centre “València Turisme” presents an endless number of unique tourist experiences to find out about a unique territory, a different place and a special touristic choice in the “Fira de les Comarques”. From the use of its own local resources, it proposes that the visitor enjoys the singularity of Valencia through excellent tourism products, showcased with parallel actions such as live music performances, showcooking and a playroom for the little ones.

Text & photos by: València Turisme.

Valencia, ideal city for bikes
30 March, 2017 / ,

April 19th: World Bicycle Day

Valencia is perfect in as much for those who love cycling as for those who like to know the places for pedalling without much effort

A Mediterranean city with an average annual temperature of about 18ºC, little rain and bathed by the sea breeze are enough reasons to assume that cycling in Valencia is easy and enjoyable. But if we add that the land is flat, no one can resist!

A 120-kilometer bike lane, which connects all the city’s neighbourhoods, and the existence of cycling paths – routes where the cyclist has preference and whose maximum speed permitted for general traffic is 30 km/ hr – makes Valencia a bike-friendly locality.

Touring the gardens of the old Turia riverbed, which is more than eight kilometers long, is one of our recommendations for tourists who want to feel the pulse of a city that, on weekends or when leaving work, rages under the bridges. Hours in which the architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences becomes the scene of those who walk, rest, stretch, run, laugh and smile on two wheels.

Valencia by bike, since the 19th century

By the middle of the 19th century, bicycles already existed in Valencia. However, it would not be until the early 1890s when rubber-wheeled bicycles of the same size and iron structure began to be seen in the city.

While their first use was to serve as recreational vehicles, in the 20’s of the last century their use as a means of transport had already become widespread. A trend that has come back a century later.

Raise the kite
29 March, 2017 /

Wind Festival

Valencians love to fly kites and watch them flying

Casiopea is the name that Alicia, a Valencian mother, gave to the blue and white delta wing-shaped kite that she one day decided to manufacture for herself and that Adrian her son now also flies.

And it is that when the good weather arrives and the breeze blows, families like Alicia, Adrian and his father Javi go out to the countryside and to the beach to fly the kite or, as it is said in Valencia, empinar el cachirulo.

This oriental custom, with which the Chinese seek to drive away evil spirits, is one of the Valencians’ favorite entertainments.
Especially during the Easter week festivities and the following Monday that celebrates the day of the patron saint of the Valencian Community: San Vicente Ferrer.

Spending time drawing pirouettes in the sky remains etched forever in children’s memories.

Come, with or without the family, to the 20th International Wind Festival “Ciudad de Valencia”, which takes place every year on the beach of La Malvarrosa, and realise the happy faces of those who stroll by there. The attendants’ childhood overflies their heads in dozens of shapes, sizes and colours. Maybe you will find yours too!