Raise the kite

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Wind Festival

Valencians love to fly kites and watch them flying

Casiopea is the name that Alicia, a Valencian mother, gave to the blue and white delta wing-shaped kite that she one day decided to manufacture for herself and that Adrian her son now also flies.

And it is that when the good weather arrives and the breeze blows, families like Alicia, Adrian and his father Javi go out to the countryside and to the beach to fly the kite or, as it is said in Valencia, empinar el cachirulo.

This oriental custom, with which the Chinese seek to drive away evil spirits, is one of the Valencians’ favorite entertainments.
Especially during the Easter week festivities and the following Monday that celebrates the day of the patron saint of the Valencian Community: San Vicente Ferrer.

Spending time drawing pirouettes in the sky remains etched forever in children’s memories.

Come, with or without the family, to the 20th International Wind Festival “Ciudad de Valencia”, which takes place every year on the beach of La Malvarrosa, and realise the happy faces of those who stroll by there. The attendants’ childhood overflies their heads in dozens of shapes, sizes and colours. Maybe you will find yours too!