Horchata with ‘fartons’

Horchata con fartons

The ‘horchata’ (‘orxata’, in Valencian) is one of the Valencian drinks par excellence. The nuts and bolts of the ‘fartons’ rests, above all, on wetting them in the horchata


250 g tiger nuts (“chufas”)
1 litre very cold water
100 g icing sugar

Wash the tiger nuts and soak them in water. Store in the refrigerator for 12 hours.
Strain and re-clean.
Grind them together with 200 ml of cold water until a white liquid is obtained.
Squeeze into a bowl using a strainer or fine cloth.
Remove all possible liquid from the tiger nuts. Add the remaining cold water, sugar and stir.


Dilute 50 g of baker’s yeast in 100 ml of water.
Mix 600 g of flour with the yeast, 100 g of sugar and two eggs.
Then add 100 ml of oil and a teaspoon of salt. Achieve a homogeneous dough and let stand until doubled in size.
Make balls with the dough and on a bank dusted with flour roll the ball to lengthen it.
Put the “fartons” on the oven tray greased with butter.
Place in the oven, preheated to 180º, for 15-18 minutes until they are browned on top. Mix 150 g of glazed sugar with 50 ml of warm water until a thick syrup is obtained. Paint the “fartons” while they are still hot.

Written by: Carol Vegas @carolinavegaslife