The street of the baskets

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To discover a city is to also know its traditions, at the time of taking a memento with us there is nothing better than going for autochthonous art. The Valencian Community is very rich in culture and art: ceramics, silk, gold and silversmithing and the art of wickerwork and basketry. In the heart of the city we find Músico Peydro Street, commonly known as “street of the Baskets”, since the 40s and 50s the artisans located their workshops there.

This tradition comes from the Marina Alta, villages like Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer (Alicante), where the wickerwork and basketry craft is handmade with punch, penknife, hammer and scissors. The wicker is cultivated, selected, treated and dried; and later braided one by one to until the desired object is achieved: baskets, shoes (the typical “espardenya”) and hats also made from other vegetable fi (hemp, esparto, wicker, palm, etc).

New designers are currently adding to these traditional aesthetic ideas: like Pilar Tomás and Alicia Beltrán who use this base to let their imagination fly and off up explosions of colour in each item. We will fi various of these handmade designs in Valencia at the end of the Calle de la Cestas, in the Plaza de la Merced, in a little space dedicated to art called “Diseños de Autor”.

Text by: Marian Romero, journalist and art director.
Photos: Christopher Cognonato.
Basketry and footwear Pilar Tomás, dressed by Ángeles Esparza. Thanks to Beatriz Aspas, Court of Honor of the “Fallera Mayor” of Valencia 2017.