The Lateen Sail repopulates La Albufera

Vela Latina Albufera

Heritage of Cultural Interest

The members of the “Asociació de La Vela Latina de Silla” (the Sillan Lateen Sail Association) commence early. At about half past eight they prepare their wooden boats to participate, some hours later, in one of the displays of up to twenty opportunities that take place from March to October, for the enjoyment of observers.

They are not profit oriented. It was the desire to recover this tradition, at the end of the 80s,that led them to unite around the Muslim vessel, which once, in this Mediterranean zone of navigation, would be called “Vela Latina”. The name originates from the triangular sail held in transverse with the antenna to the mast, which allows sailing up to 30% of the prow into the wind.

They do not participate alone in the demonstrations. The associations from Catarroja, El Palmar, Alfafar and Sollana also come together for this purpose. All of their names come from localities bathed by La Albufera, the lake the National Park has been named after. It is located eight kilometres due the south of the city centre of Valencia and within the same municipal area. An ecosystem of great value, formed by the lake (actually of fresh water), the rice paddies that surround it, the forest of Devesa and the beaches of dune environments that, as a whole, any tourist should not miss.

To look closely at these boats which, for centuries, have served to transport people and goods, for fishing and for cleaning the Albufera, it is already a pleasure. To see up to thirty of them flying on the waters. What serenity!

Location: Silla Port
Facebook: @VelaSilla