Valencian Stew

Puchero Valenciano


In Spain across all classes of society, because of the broth the stew is considered the basis for nourishment. And there are as many stews as there are regions in Spain.

But the Valencian kind is distinguished by some ingredients and for being eaten in two servings. The broth with the pasta or the rice in the first and with meat and vegetables with the second serving. The ball stuffing (“pilota”) is undoubtedly the distinguishing element.

400g veal, 50g hen, 2 pieces of chicken, 2 white veal bones, 1 pork spine bone, 1 piece of veal’s rib, 400g minced pork (4 balls of stuffing), 2 chicken livers bread crumbs, stalks, 500g chickpeas, carrots, swedish turnip, parsnip, turnip, potatoes, rice or pasta for the broth, pine nuts, parsley, cinnamon, salt and saffron.

Mix the veal and pork minced meat, finely chopped chicken liver, breadcrumbs, pine nuts, a handful of finely chopped fresh parsley, pepper, cinnamon and salt. One egg yolk (optional). With this mixture, we make the 4 stuffing balls which we pass through the frying pan.

Fill the pan with water. Put it on the fire and add the veal, hen, bones and salt. Leave it for an hour and a half to simmer. Then add the vegetables. Add the chicken and the stuffing balls.

Raise the heat high for few minutes then lower and maintain it for an hour and a quarter. After 45 minutes, pour in the whole peeled potatoes and cook for half an hour more.

Turn off the heat and pour the broth into another smaller pan. Bring it to the boil and add the pasta or rice for the soup.

Place the other ingredients in a welldistributed dish to serve after the soup.

Written by: Carol Vegas @carolinavegaslife