Social theater inside the houses


Cabanyal Intim Festival

Do not miss the opportunity to attend theater in unconventional spaces such as the living room of a house in Cabanyal’s picturesque neighbourhood

The Cabanyal Íntim Festival is a social and cultural project that takes the avant-garde performing arts inside the houses of the Valencian district of Cabanyal. Under the motto “Migraciones” (migrations), it will hold its seventh edition from 18th to 28th May.

For two weeks, the district of Cabanyal at the foot of the Malvarrosa beach, becomes a mandatory event for any tourist looking for something different. It is the perfect fusion between art and the neighbourhood’s very particular tourist attraction, which owes its name to the fishing houses that populated the area and where we can still find numerous examples of modernist architecture.

Houses are transformed into improvised stages that will be occupied by a hundred Valencian artists, Spaniards and residents abroad.

The neighbourhood becomes an open window to the world. Activities, concerts and above all it is an environment that makes Cabanyal and its people open their doors wide to visitors.

Short plays of 30 minutes in confined spaces, and long duration works in unconventional spaces. The tragedy of the refugees, the involuntary population migrations due to labour, political and religious issues.

The audience will go to the living room in a house and an arm’s length away from the actors for stories told in first person. It is a unique opportunity to take a stroll through this picturesque neighbourhood while enjoying a fresh and committed theater.