Valencia, ideal city for bikes

bicis Valencia L´Hemisféric

April 19th: World Bicycle Day

Valencia is perfect in as much for those who love cycling as for those who like to know the places for pedalling without much effort

A Mediterranean city with an average annual temperature of about 18ºC, little rain and bathed by the sea breeze are enough reasons to assume that cycling in Valencia is easy and enjoyable. But if we add that the land is flat, no one can resist!

A 120-kilometer bike lane, which connects all the city’s neighbourhoods, and the existence of cycling paths – routes where the cyclist has preference and whose maximum speed permitted for general traffic is 30 km/ hr – makes Valencia a bike-friendly locality.

Touring the gardens of the old Turia riverbed, which is more than eight kilometers long, is one of our recommendations for tourists who want to feel the pulse of a city that, on weekends or when leaving work, rages under the bridges. Hours in which the architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences becomes the scene of those who walk, rest, stretch, run, laugh and smile on two wheels.

Valencia by bike, since the 19th century

By the middle of the 19th century, bicycles already existed in Valencia. However, it would not be until the early 1890s when rubber-wheeled bicycles of the same size and iron structure began to be seen in the city.

While their first use was to serve as recreational vehicles, in the 20’s of the last century their use as a means of transport had already become widespread. A trend that has come back a century later.